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AC Spotlight: The Golden Pearls!

Debbie defines her Adventure Club as a group of dedicated ladies with a clear objective to beat the weekly quest. All winners and no slackers in this awesome, drama-free team. They all like to help each other out and we #SatTogetherApart with Debbie to learn more about The Golden Pearls!

Hello, Debbie… it’s a wonderful name you chose for your Adventure Club! Who had the idea of “The Golden Pearls” as a name and what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s a name I chose. It is the name I used on an Adventure Club I started a long time ago but with little success. Nothing like The Golden Pearls team that I have the greatest pleasure of being the captain of now.

The lion to me is a symbol of strength and our team is strong and united.

How many members do you have and where is everyone from?

We have eleven members. We have Candy from New Mexico, Mary from West Virginia, Laura is from Florida, Romona comes from Missouri, Diana plays from Maryland and Noel from Oregon, Andrea all the way from Holland, Pam is from Florida, Melenie from Missouri, we have Sue that plays from Maryland and Barbara from Virginia.

Do you play daily and how’s the communication going?

Yes, I am a daily player and our communication is great. We chat through the Pearl chat and we are all Facebook friends.

What is your favorite ADVENTURE CLUB REWARD you have won so far?

Now that is a hard question. We have won a lot of prizes so it would be hard to pick one.

Any advice for other Adventure Clubs?

For the captain, I would tell them to post the rules for the Adventure Club and stick to them. Do not let the non-players run the good players away. When you finally get a team that gels it is an awesome thing.

Do you have any final remarks for us readers, anyone you’d like to give a shoutout to?

Answer: I would like to give a shoutout to all Pearl’s Peril players but of course a special one to THE GOLDEN PEARLS GIRLS. YOU ARE AN AWESOME BUNCH THAT I AM PRIVILEGED TO BE ON THE SAME TEAM WITH!!!!!!!

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  • carole digaetano

    I’m in Covfefe club and love all the mates in it!

  • Barb Thompson-Sanderson

    I really enjoy this game it gives so much happiness in my life and having some health issues like stage 4 dementia, plus chronic heart failure, puts a smile on this face. God Bless

    • Franscene Wooga

      Good Morning Barb,
      Thank you for taking the time to let us know your love of playing Pearl’s Peril. I will journey with you as you remember the excitement of when you first started your Adventure on Artemis Island with Pearl and then to travel around the world. Each scene finding the items, working to earn badges, prestige, coins to move forward, opening our plots of land, building our first building, and wondering who will we meet next. Wooga’s wonderful gifts to the players. If you are Facebook connected that allows the opportunity to meet so many wonderful players from across the world. I hope this message finds you having a really good day. Happy Pearling!

  • Hansen, Candy

    We have a wonderful team that works together with no drama. Our captain is awesome and has excepted a great group of players.

  • Mary Pemberton

    And we are privileged to have you as captain. Absolutely love being on this team.

  • Adrienne Williams

    Good Advice about the non-players. When players don’t play on a consistent basis, it will hurt the overall mindset of all the players. Good advice.

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