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Player Spotlight: Bree Davis

Are you a friend of Pearl? Well, you are in good company! You may have seen that we asked Bree Davis, Island Inspiration leader and master decorator, for insights into her methods in an upcoming island design workshop. We wanted to get to know her better and see more examples of her amazing decorating skills in this month’s Player Spotlight!

1. Could you tell us something about yourself and how your adventure with Pearl’s Peril started?

I am passionate about art, photography and music although I can’t sing my way out of a wet paper sack to save my life. Lord help us, you might want to bring your headphones along if you are riding in a car with me! Understanding art and color contrast makes decorating my island fun and enjoyable. Turn on a little music and I can be lost on my island decorating for hours. About 3 years ago or more, a co-worker told me about Pearl’s Peril and that is where my journey began. I fell in love with the game from the first scene. Challenging myself to get a better score each time. I have completed the game 4 times and am currently on my 5th round. I don’t think I will ever quit playing this game.


2. What do you feel is so special about Pearl’s Peril?

I think it would have to be the ability to connect with other players all over the world that are just as passionate about the game as you are and you can share your experiences together forming wonderful friendships along the way.


3. Any advice for new players starting Pearl’s Peril?

Ah! Lots! Be patient. This game will teach you that. If you want to create an island that flows together from one scene to the next instead of just plopping it where it will fit, you will have to utilize your storage space. You can’t possibly display every item you own all at once so storage is necessary. Try to refrain from storing grass tiles or pathway tiles from the main store. You can sell them and buy them again later when needed to create a scene. If space is getting tight try waiting to decorate your island until you have unlocked all of it. When starting your second round, you will no longer need prestige to advance so you can sell off everything that no longer fits the flow or theme of your island and use those coins to purchase the things that will. Join the island inspiration group to get more tips and tricks on decorating and using storage space. Also, join PP Social (https://woo.ga/PearlsPerilSocial) to get help on topics related to the game or to add more friends or members to your adventure club. Having lots of friends helps with extra energy and tickets and you will advance faster.


4. Do you play in an Adventure Club? How do you manage your team?

Yes! With communication, compassion, friendship and fun!


5. With the latest game mode Iris’s Eyes, the island is being rejuvenated.

What’s your favorite island restoration so far and what would you like to see next? This is a tough one! I enjoy the challenge of IE and look forward to each Act every month. I think my favorite(s) are, in no particular order, the waterfall, the lighthouse and Margaret’s memorial. I’m so glad you asked! I would love to see that enormous volcano exploded off into the ocean! Maybe put a beach there. Children building sandcastles, playing volleyball or fishing. I have many other ideas, you might want to inbox me, I can prepare a list! LOL!

6. Who is your favorite character in the game?

Iris of course! Not only for her EYES but for her class and charm. She is a true best friend and I love her wit!

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  • Jo Jamerson

    Hello Bree pleased to meet you. My name is Jo Jamerson. I got addicted to this game because of the story could not wait to read chapter after chapter. I hope Pearl and her friends get more story added and we get to learn more about each of them. I also think making a the sland bigger would be nice.

  • chrissy sutcliffe

    Hi Bree love the game only thing I would say was wrong is the Island could do with more land maybe put in a bridge and make the Island bigger x

  • Lana

    Any idea why the game locks up and stops loading? I only get the loading screen and it only repeats and repeats?

    • Franscene Wooga

      Hello Lana,
      Have you checked that you have the latest updates for your device’s operating system, and the Pearls Peril App? Then clear your cache, turn your device off then back on.
      If you are still having problems please contact Customer Care so they can help you with this issue.
      Customer Care can be reached at woo.ga/pearlsupport.

  • Christa Szarka

    Bree I have been visiting your island . I loved your decorating style. And was amazed how you put items from different collections together. So through this article I now know what a fun person you are. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  • Tonya

    I am new this this group, about 5 months maybe. I love touring all the beautiful islands. I joined the inspiration and discovered how lovely you decorate. I visit your island everyday. I tour all my favorites . I don’t care about collecting the coin .
    I think this is a great way to honor you as a decorator, and a player of pearls peril . You helped me just a few days ago with a scene. Thank you . Hope Saturday is very eventful. Happy pearling .

  • Bwlergrl

    I love playing this game but want more. I’ve started over five times already.
    The best thing l could have happen will be getting my game back on my lPad with the original game number.
    But all is well. New episodes please.

  • Honorata Gajewska

    Wspaniała gra

  • aranrod

    Bree, I so love our friendship and I love this article about you! Your island is an absolute beauty and relaxing and enjoyable to visit!! Congrats, my friend!

  • Jacqueline I Chisolm

    Hello Bree i am so happy were friends i love reading about you. And your island is gorgous. Congrats

  • Jeanne Klemme

    You’re definitely in the spotlight for me Bree! I love having your friendship, and I can’t think of a single scene of yours or bit of advice you’ve given that I haven’t taken to heart. Congratulations and well done! 😍

  • Jan

    Hello from Canada…

  • JoAnne Callahan

    I enjoy playing this game. This game helps keeps my mind going through when I’m finding the objects that are hidden! Thankyou!

  • Joanne Patterson

    Thank you for your comments. There were things I didn’t know about and you helped.

  • Laura Collins

    I am so grateful for our friendship, Bree. I enjoyed reading this write up about you! Your island pics look stunning!
    Congratulations my friend! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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