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The Meaning of Butterflies in Iris’s Eyes

Butterflies are everywhere when you play Iris’s Eyes. But what do they mean? Our artists were very deliberate in all their choices, and the Butterfly icon is no exception. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation.

Even beyond its journey from caterpillar to beautiful winged insect, it dances with the wind to embrace change. Not only that, with its bright colors, it is a source of joy and elegance… just like Iris!

Butterflies in Culture and Art

Many cultures have used butterflies as symbols of transformation and spirituality. Early Christians used them to represent the soul and resurrection, and in ancient China, they demonstrated peace and happiness. In some Native American cultures, they were considered a sign of change and transformation and were used to symbolize when a woman was ready to be married.

Their metamorphosis has connotations of a darker nature too. In the past, many people thought spirits took the shape of butterflies, and a visit from one could be an ancestor coming to say hello. Black butterflies can mean that ill fortune is coming, so we are lucky that all of Iris’s Butterflies are blue!

Probably most important to our game, blue Butterflies provide luck, so keep a sharp eye out to collect as many as possible!